tadej vindiš [taday vindish]

Visiting Lecturer at CMP, University of Westminster;
Lead Producer at body>data>spaceFrequency Festival, Bio-Body-Tech (Nesta's FutureFest);
Executive Director at Fotopub (2017 – 2019) → catalogues: 2018, 2017, 2016.

Selfish Machines 2.0 presented at osmo/za project space, produced by Projekt Atol.

Selfish Machines 1.2 presented at IFCA 2019 and part of Common Knowledge exhibition of the 26th Biennial of Design (BIO 26) by the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana.

Text on my ongoing practice-based research into Selfish Machines (1.0) in ŠUM journal.

Since 2017 I am developing together with Frank Davies and Drew Richards a custom-built 220-degree video and audio recorder for the Seeing I project. The head mounted wearable recorder is designed to record continuously for 24 hours from a first-person perspective, generating footage for a VR headset. The 7-day trial run of the Seeing I project took place at Ars Electronica 2019.

Reconfigured at Tense Present group exhibition at Kibla Portal; at Kino Šiška; and at Pixxelpoint.

Publication Project.Labour by Kombajn.

Lectures / Talks:
Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia – 4th Symposium of Slovenian Researchers Abroad – Selfish Machines 2.1;
University of Westminster – Hyper-Photo-Graphic;
Projekt Atol – Selfish Machines 1.1;
KIBLA, Virtual Multi-Modal Museum (ViMM, EU) – Technical Challenges of Real to Virtual Reality;
KIBLA, Risk Change (EU) – New Technologies: Between Creation, Usability, and Surveillance Tools;
University of Westminster – The Other Image and Media Frontiers;
Goldsmiths, University of London – Reconfigured Project and Digital Cultures;

From Slovenia, based in London.