KIBLIX 2020: Virtual Worlds Now
International Festival of Arts, Technology and Science
Dec 2020 – Nov 2021


In line with Kibla’s long-term research focus on Extended Reality (XR) technologies, and considering that 2020–2021 are the most “virtual years” to date, the curatorial team consisting of Živa Kleindienst, Tadej Vindiš, Peter Tomaž Dobrila, and Aleksandra Kostič, is for this year’s KIBLIX asking, what are the virtual worlds now?

This is not the question of technology as magic, but the critical evaluation of the intersections and disconnections between the virtual and the physical. On one side, we are faced with a persistent ambition of industry towards persuasive technologies, designing the virtual to fully assume, control, and subsume the physical, while on the other, we are constantly needing to mitigate technological incompatibility with the physical as such. KIBLIX 2020 will therefore place the experience of the human at the centre – with their material limitations and socio-political conditions of the body – while understanding the virtual environments as spaces for speculative realities, variable identities, and ever more acute social transformations.

The material on this page is courtesy of ACE KIBLA. Design by Dorijan Šiško.

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