September 2018

Negativni patriotizem po Brexitu (4) – Večer Newspaper (in Slovenian)

Odgovor Društva za sodobno kulturo Fotopub na pismi ministrstva za kulturo in Fotokluba Maribor.

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October 2017

Selfish Machines, Part 1 – ŠUM#8, Journal for Contemporary Art Criticism and Theory

The short essay is the first in the series of critical projects and writtings on artificial intelligence under the title of Selfish Machines. With the use of a provocative phrase, the paper attempts to direct attention towards disruptions within the imitation game of instrumentality. Set as a mark of the paradoxical anthropomorphisation of the machines, the essay attempts to refocus the debate back to the computational ambiguity, allowing it to (re)surface as a central focus of discourse.

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December 2016

Project.Labour – Association Kombajn

The reader accompanying the Project.Labour exhibition and is a result of a conversation between curators, artists and a graphic designer, with theoretical reflective writing. Through cross-disciplinary dialogue, the reader negotiates the relationship between new and historic, localised and international evolutions of manufacturing, automation and distribution processes, looking at these processes as cultural formations.

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April 2017

Bureaucratic Limbo Through Automated Technical Support Systems

What do Kafka’s The Castle and Instagram’s technical support system have in common?

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