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FutureFest by Nesta, Tobacco Docks London


A room of innovative projects that only work in connection with our bodies through expanding and enhancing our senses, utilising our bio-signals and reacting to our body transmissions. Touch, gesture, vibration, muscle motion and all our senses today are part of our digital world, our biofeedback data extending all around us and enabling us to send and receive signals and expand our bodies into new realms. Talk to the innovators of these human-machine interaction systems, learn about the future of body-led tools and experience the blending of our physical and data bodies for work, care and fun.

Curated by body>data>space (Ghislaine Boddington and Tadej Vindiš) for FutureFest 2018, a flagship event of Nesta innovation foundation.

Projects: Pepper and MiRo by Cyberselves Roadshow from Sheffield Robotics, BioMusic by Atau Tanaka and Goldsmiths, University of London, SUPERGESTURES by Ling Tan and CityVerve, Mother by Inmi Lee and Kyle McDonald, and Quietude by Santa Chiara Fab Lab and WEAR Sustain.

Nicola Sturgeon and Atau Tanaka at FutureFest 2018 Bio-Body-Tech room by body>data>space
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